A revolutionary fiction that explores sex – The Sensual Journey of the Seven Graduates

It is an erotic, deep, intellectual, and inspirational novel

“On the surface, these deviations from marriage, such as affairs, avoiding sex, divorce, and choosing singlehood are reactions to the hopelessness in marriage. But from a broader perspective, they reflect a crisis of monogamous marriage. Such a marriage requires loyalty to one’s partner, but it doesn’t provide any solution to marital fatigue. That is indeed a problem.

“When the marriage is fatigued, the spouses stop having sex and thus suppress their natural sexual desire. In the long run, a physiological and psychological void appears, preventing the pituitary gland from secreting sexual hormone, and preventing the ovary from secreting estrogen or progestin. This phenomenon causes the body to lose balance and results in haggard skin, nervousness, worry, inexplicable pain, and lack of self-confidence. How pathetic it is!

“Many modern couples are turning to erotic fantasies the lie outside of current social and ethical norms. By attending swinger clubs, having threesomes, going to orgies, and cheating, they unbottle the lust suppressed by monogamy and avoid marital fatigue. They no longer have to sneak but enjoy sex happily and openly, which makes me wonder if monogamous marriage is out of date!

“Today, it has become a trend for upper-class men and women to look for a girlfriend or boyfriend outside of marriage. They advocate laissez-faire sexuality, and sexual hedonism and naturism have become increasingly popular. These trends indicate a decline of the traditional view of marriage.

“Therefore, it seems that the foundation of a happy marriage is spiritual and sexual harmony, sexual pleasure, and full sexual satisfaction.

“Sigmund Freud discussed the restrictions civilization imposed on sexual behaviors. He argued that civilization was the root of a discontent sex life. I agree with his theory. I propose that as long as extramarital sex brings physical pleasure, makes people happy, and does not hurt anyone involved, it should be accepted and be excused morally…”

This is a sensitive summary of the world’s first erotic inspirational sex novel, The Sensual Journey of the Seven Graduates. The story is never told before, and is different from all other sex, erotic fictions on the market.

In addition, the story also touches upon the topic of the second marriage—

“When a couple marries for the first time, they usually do so impulsively, ignoring problems such as differences in ideology, habits, values, and financial capacity. Consequently, conflicts, arguments, and the dreaded silent treatment emerge after marriage. However, from the perspective of one’s life journey, it might not be such a bad thing to experience this kind of marriage, because it would allow one to gain a sound understanding of what marriage is and what kind of person is the right fit.

“Be open and calm about it, treat the first marriage as training, and end the first marriage as a form of lesson and completion. Then, bravely look for someone who has also been married once and get married for the second time. This marriage is actually the right one.

“A survey showed that the satisfaction rate for second marriages is much higher than that for first marriages precisely for the reasons I have identified. The partners cherish each other, avoiding the problems that plagued the first marriage and thus achieving satisfaction with each other. I think this is a good means of resolving marital grievances. I work as a marriage counselor and find that people who get married for the second time are happier than those who live together without getting married.

“An example demonstrates this fact. Both the wife and husband in a particular marriage have been married once before. The husband likes to lick and kiss the wife’s breasts and suck on her nipples. The wife enjoys this intimate act; whenever they have a fight, it is usually resolved by his sucking on her breasts. They have been very much in love for a long time. I asked the husband if he did that in his first marriage, and he replied that in his first marriage, neither of them knew much, so when the relationship turned sour, it was even more difficult to have sex. The second marriage was a new beginning: there were no ill feelings, and both partners knew more and worked hard to maintain their marriage. Sex is natural and unawkward to perform. Many things that fell apart in their first marriages worked beautifully in the second. That goes to show why the second marriage is an option to resolve marital grievances.

“People who are afraid to marry again, who just want to live with their long-term partners or just want to have casual sex, will never fall in love like a real couple. Therefore, I encourage people to have the courage to marry for the second time…”

Other than the discussion on the second marriage, the plot also touches upon the connection between sex and health—

“Sex is beneficial not only for health but also for work. It can stimulate the brain and promote work and career motivation. Research from England shows that people who have a strong sexual drive achieve more at work and in their careers; they are usually winners, because sex is like a restorative energy that invigorates people.

“An academic study funded by the British government points out that sexually active people are fitter, have less depression, and exhibit better cardiovascular health than those who are sexually inactive, which proves that sex has a variety of health benefits.

“I would like to discuss another interesting phenomenon. Animals have desire only during the mating period, but humans can have desire throughout the year and can have sex whenever they want. If the only function of sex is reproduction, why are humans unconstrained by a mating period? Obviously, human sex is not just for the production of offspring; it has other functions.

“I believe it is one of the functions with which God has specially endowed the human body. It is used to assist the body’s blood circulation and promote the activation of body cells. That’s why humans feel so comfortable when they have sex. The pores of the body are opened, and every cell can feel joy. Research indicates that people with strong sexual needs are more successful in their work and career. It also explains why making love has so many benefits. Making love is good for health and is a form of leisure. Therefore, I advocate making love diligently, so as not to obstruct God’s good intention…”

Furthermore, The Sensual Journey of the Seven Graduates explores women’s pleasurable reactions during sex—

“Women’s sexual pleasure can be divided into three stages: the excitement, plateau, and orgasm phases. Many women, because their men are not doing enough work, can reach only the excitement or plateau phases, but never the orgasm phase. That is such a pity. In fact, the men need to do only a bit more work to allow the women to reach the orgasm phase.

“Based on my research, other than selfish men and premature-ejaculation men, a good number of men cannot bring women to orgasm. Why? They simply don’t understand the complexities of women’s experience of pleasure, so they don’t establish good control of the sex tempo. This shows that men have a big knowledge gap in women’s sexual pleasure…” (To be continued)

Revolutionary and original, the world’s first erotic inspirational novel, The Sensual Journey of the Seven Graduates, discusses love and sex in depth. It was written by a retired businessman and his international friends with a central theme of sexual exploration, sexual enlightenment, sex education, and marriage counseling, combining with plots that weave together family, love, pleasure, conflict, sexual encounter, entrepreneurship, business strategy, online marketing, bioeconomy, traveling, and agronomic technology, aiding with intellectual and humorous contents, this book serves to inspire readers to rediscover sex.

This novel discusses sex and covers all the topics related to sex, including impotence, premature ejaculation, masturbation, foreplay, erotic massage, flirting, adult videos, one-night stand, cheating, extramarital affairs, sex mates, fuck buddies, closed group marriages, swingers, orgies, gangbangs, group sex, sex parties, sex during traveling, et cetera. It is never seen before. All other erotic fictions, sex stories, erotic romance novels, and softcore pornography novels cannot compare. It is the worlds’ first fiction that explores sex in the form of a novel. If you’re tired of the world’s top ten adult websites such as xvideos, xnxx, pornhub, jerkmate, bongacams, stripchat, chaturbate, spankbang, onlyfans, etc, this novel is your best choice.

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